Sunday, April 06, 2008

Picking up the Pace

Its been quite a few weeks now since I did any serious writing. It's been a well needed break. But in the last couple of days the urge to get in front of the computer has started to return. I'm still totally and utterly blocked on the plot of The Bunker. I'm not sure I can go on from the point I'm at, so I suspect the solution is going to be to go backwards, ie rewrite.

But, of course The Bunker isn't the only thing going on. I'm starting to work on the promo material for Secret Intentions, the back-cover blurb, tagline, cover art, that sort of thing. The edits are going to arrive at the end of the month as well, which I'm looking forward to. Its been a looong time between books, and I'm keen to get to work on the next project with my excellent editor.

In the meantime I'm tossing up between getting on with All That Glitters and rewriting At the Diplomat's Bidding into a more substantial romantic suspense. I suspect its going to be At The Diplomat's Bidding. Then I can send it off to my erstwhile agenty type person and give the poor girl even more to do.

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