Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My day...

This is how Wednesday 2nd April has been in the Caitlyn Nicholas household.
5.53am - Hubby dissapears to work
6.17am - lurch out of warm snuggy bed in the dark to struggle to computer and bid on sodding teacup in the UK. Get there with 15 seconds to go and lose out.
6.27am - fall over sodding Elmo who starts telling me that he loves me
6.28am - fling sodding Elmo out door
6.29am - sodding dog starts barking
6.30am - Small people wide awake and ready for breakfast ONE HOUR before they usually are - decide I hate ebay.
6.31am - make cup of tea
6.51am - reneg on 'no tv in the morning' policy
7.05am - make cup of tea
7.08am - realise one child is running temperature
8.03am - phone doctor - find out there are no appointments and demand to be put on a waiting list
8.15am - tidy rooms, put on first of seven loads of washing
9.07am - pushing small screamies on swing
9.41am - do deal with teacup chick to get teacup I missed out on yesterday - feel mollified and forgive ebay
10am - curse that children's programs are ending. Spend more time pushing swings. Wonder how the hell the house turned into a pigsty when I tidied it just days ago.
10.01am - unload dishwasher. Load dishwasher. Hang out washing. Put load of washing on containing Miss Bugalugs favourite duck towel. Leave Miss Bugalugs with nose pressed to machine sobbing 'duckie, duckie,' and make cup of tea.
10.07am - ring Mum to complain about ebay and doctor - realise we've got no bread for lunch, decide to make motherly chicken soup with teddy-bear pasta for poorly child
10.30am - Blinds man arrives to measure Miss Bugalugs window - her blind recently went pling and we've been incapable of un-plinging it
11.30am - Blinds man goes, having sadly failed at selling me several security doors and blinds for every naked window we have
11.32am - wood guy arrives to dump wood
11.51am - serve motherly chicken soup which is instantly rejected. Change soup name to teddy-bear soup with teddy-juice and is wolfed down.
11.53am - doctor rings with cancellation
12.30 - finally get everyone into bed for naps
12.35 - replace Miss Bugalugs nappy
12.41 - replace Miss Bugalugs nappy
12.51 - get teary-eyed over photos of clever Janines new bubs - born yesterday arvo - YAY. Idly wonder about having more children, and firmly dismiss idea as insanity. Make cup of tea, do yet another load of washing, hang out more washing, tidy up lunch, watch Dr Phil, long for a housekeeper.
2pm - Wake up everyone to go to doctor
2.03pm -replace Miss Bugalugs nappy
2.30pm - get home from doctor
2.31pm - Dianna arrives with her screamies to play for the afternoon
2.45pm - Cup of tea, bun and excellent gossipping
4.15pm - Roof man arrives to see about possums in roof and leaky bits
4.51pm - Have in-depth conversation about flashings, eaves and whirly-gigs
5.01pm - Hubby phones, running late, thereby scuppering carefully thought out pizza-for-dinner plan
5.02pm - get dinner
5.15pm - do last load of washing
5.35pm - feed everyone
5.40pm - hubby arrives home
6pm - collapse in front of marvellous cooking shows on telly and decide its been a rather long day.
6.51pm - get clothes in off line.

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Rachael Blair said...

Whoah... I'm tired just reading that!

Jess Dee said...

LOL, Cait, I'd leave a comment, but after your opening few lines, I'm scared you'll tell me to sod off.