Thursday, April 24, 2008

Old Friends... Or DAMN YOU Facebook

Hubby and I are having another night in. Just like every other night since we got pregnant. The fire is going, music is on, the wine is nearly gone and I am cheerfully surfing ebay for teacups that I Simply Cannot Live Without.

Usually I'd be perfectly happy.

But tonight I'm inwardly howling.

What Have I Become?

Facebook is to blame.

I've come across some old buddies of late. People who knew me in my youth - and I'm talking 17 odd years ago now (oh and Freddie Bear who knew me when I was eight so he doesn't really count as I was just working up to my prime at that point). And don't get me wrong, I'm deeply glad we've made contact. I have been wondering about these people for years. And now here we are swapping stories of divorce, babies, adventures, studying, being an artist's muse, swimming with sharks, all incredible moments of their lives which, little do they know, are going to end up in a book sometime!

But its made me a bit melancholy, and its taken 3/4 of a bottle of wine to figure out why... I kind of miss that wild, reckless, drunken girl I used to be. What happened to her? Where did she go? Rolling drunkenly around the Muddy Duck in Wagga and escaping home in an orange combe-van, avoiding strippers (male and female) at 10am on a Sunday morning at the Church in Kings Cross, London, busily evaporating last night's hangover with snakebites, or running around a gay nightclub in Kunming in China (and being ardently pursued by Italian cigarette company reps). Then it seems life got serious, or I calmed down, or grew up, or something. Only I don't suppose I realised Adventure Cait had really left the building until I started to look back over my twenties and thirties and see that I haven't darkened the door of a Youth Hostel in nearly ten years, in fact I've let my membership lapse. Shared bathrooms? I Dont Think So. I like my hotels 5 star, thankyouverymuchindeed.

God. When did I turn into my parents?

I'm feeling the need to do something outrageous. Just to prove I can. And no I don't mean Smoking a Cigarette, or Getting Drunk at Hornsby RSL or even Opening Another Bottle of Wine. Suggestions welcome and I'll let you know what I come up with.

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Sami Lee said...

Ooh, I so know what you mean. When I think back to the youth hostels I stayed in when I backpacked Europe, I cannot now picture being satisfied to hold on to the dodgy tap with one hand so it didn't come flying off to hit me in the stomach, whilst simultaneously avoiding contact with the drain plug and it's scary collection of strange hair (while trying to wash my hair no less). Once you've stayed at the Marriot, you just can't go back.

As for crazy things, I'm useless when it comes to advice. The last crazy thing I did was let the Princess eat one of her easter eggs. That was enough adventure to last me another year. And as I recall when I was on first name basis with all the bar tenders in town, I used to have all day Sunday to sleep it off. Screamy children and hangovers just don't mix.

Perhaps you'd like to jump out of a plane? Not for me mind you. If the plane's still flying, I'd be staying right there, but you might be more adventurous than timid little me.

Sandie Hudson said...

Oh Cait, welcome to the world of adulthood. Don't look at me for crazy. The last crazy thing I did was drink way too much at my brother-in-laws 60th birthday. Not that 5 glasses of wine is a lot, but when you don't drink much like me by the second glass it's too much.

Mind you I did keep my family entertained for the night. They tell me they are looking forward to the next time I let my hair down. That's alright for them, they don't have to drive me home. Thank heavens I have a very patient husband.

Yes and I don't remember turning into this person I've become, it just sneeks up on you when you're not looking.


Caitlyn Nicholas said...

LOL Sami and Sandi! Am glad its not just me then.

No way on God's earth am I jumping out of a plane.

Suggestions under consideration are the hair dying I mentioned the other day (red and blue), piercing my belly button (after I reduce it by a few inches) and getting a tattoo.

Also, I would like to point out that as I am a girl I can't be having a mid-life crises.