Monday, April 14, 2008

Its cold, my feet are cold, and yes I know some of you reading this are currently being snowed upon, but 17 degrees in Sydney is a very cold 17 degrees. Much colder than elsewhere. No, I'm convinced of it.

Am tired and very, very crabby. Hubby has gone to Dubbo on business. Yes, selfish, I agree. The rest of the household, fully aware that there is only ME to take care of their nocturnal wanderings, put on a magnificent effort last night. After three hours of scratching fleas and purring the cat decided to take a twenty minute break outside and then come back and nag at the door. The dog had similar ideas. Miss Beanie kept dropping Funky (a plastic horse) and Red car (a red matchbox car) on the wood floor and then howling for them to be picked up, because hell, the fifteen other dollies and teddies in bed weren't nearly enough. Miss Bugalugs was snoring, possibly to make sure I didn't miss her father. AND there was a thunderstorm.

I ask you.

So, glutton for punishment that I am, this morning bleary eyed and foul tempered I potter off to the supermarket (only to have the checkout chick count every last cent in her till BEFORE serving me), then go to the butcher (who was busy chatting and not in the mood for serving customers), then to Bakers Delight (where I was served by a TRAINEE who couldn't count and nearly got eaten by the bread slicer).

Then, just to make sure I had spread the joy, I went to Bunnings (where the luddite who served me insisted on putting the 50kgs of dynamic lifter I'd asked for onto a different trolley, leaving me with two trolleys to deal with - uh thanks. Also the Bunnings carpark is on a steep hill. WHY don't they have brakes on the trolleys? WHY? It did not make life easy or even dignified to try to haul 50kgs of dynamic lifter into the car when the trolley is hurtling back down towards the shop taking out elderly doddery people as it goes.)

THEN I went to the vet on the way back so that I can DO something about the cat's fleas. Yes. You're correct. Didn't have either brand of flea stuff for cats. But she did helpfully suggest I either a) drove to Asquith to their OTHER vet practice, or b) soaked the cat in flea spray stuff.

Yup. All things considered I was quite polite, but something must've shown, I doubt I'll be getting an invite to her 21st.


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Suzanne Brandyn said...

Oh Cait, sounds like you didn't have a very good day. But I had to laugh. I pictured you with the two trolleys. Probably a bit like me with one of the damn, mind of it's own contraption.
Okay, so hows the writing going? What are you up to? :) I am editing, and preparing for my novel in a month in June. That's about all at the moment. Oh, besides critquing, and networking, and marketing, and looking into making trailors. lol
Hope today was a better day.

Jess Dee said...

Ah, Cait, how is it you manage to make the most frustrating of days sound so absolutely hilarious?