Sunday, April 20, 2008


Am avoiding writing at the moment. Not writer's block. Am over that. Just every time I sit down to write I find something else to do. Like surf ebay for tea-cups. Or, find friends on Facebook. Or fiddle about on Myspace. Or watch TV, clean out the laundry cupboard (3 packets of mothballs? 3??), tidy the kitchen, organise someone to remove the possums from our roof, check the weather... you get the idea.

So, latest obsession is dying my hair. I'm thinking bright red and blue streaks. No seriously I am. Its just such boring hair and it just sits there. I want Loud Wacky Hair, which will go very nicely with my Loud Wacky personality. No really, I am loud and wacky, well I could be, if I wanted to.


Hubby is appalled and trying very hard to be 'a good supportive husband' - okay, so when he told me I was mad I managed to look like I was about to cry and he's been running scared ever since.

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