Sunday, April 20, 2008

GITB - Abundance & Pain

So, my GITB course is trotting along, quite quickly actually. I just manage to forget all about doing the readings for one week and another list comes along, so then I do the readings for the previous week so I don't feel guilty and... well... you get the idea. Its the story of my life anyway.

So last week was about the Abundance in our lives. Yes my life is overflowing with abundance, and germs. But mostly abundance. No its good. I'm not one for counting my blessings, actually I take them rather for granted. Which is bad. I should write a list. I shall add writing a list of all my abundances to my list of things I should do.

My bottom. Now that is abundant. And getting more abundant by the minute. Oh well. Its cold, the knitwear has come out and I've found this excellent long cardigan thingy that covers my abundant bottom, so it can just stay abundant I reckon.

All bottoms aside. One of our tasks was to imagine our perfect lives and work towards it. So I imagined my perfect life. Nice house. I love my house. Nice Garden. I especially love my garden. Loving family. Weeell some days I'm not sure about the loving, but they're all mine and I kinda like them - okay let's just say I'd be reeelly upset if they went away... permanently that is.

Anyway, without being too vomity about it, I have to say that I'm pretty much there when it comes to living my ideal life. The ONLY thing missing is a horse. Yes. A horse. Things aren't too bad when the only thing missing from your life is a horse.

SO, then this week just so we don't feel too cheerful for too long we're doing PAIN. Now (and this is true) when I see the word PAIN I just think that it's the french word for bread. Then I start thinking about french food and my bottom ends up being more abundant. Yes. Unusually optimistic for me, but there you have it.

So we're supposed to be looking at past hurts and how they've changed your life. So, for example, you are a gifted artist, but some discontented art-teacher tells you you're crap in Year 8 and you crawl away and never paint again. That type of thing.

Now I'm not without my share of past hurts. I anybody really? I had a boyfriend killed in a car accident when I was 19, it took me a long time to get over it. I've lived through a divorce. And yes, they were great turning points in my life. They did send me off in new directions, but I think its all good. It got me to where I am now and, as I said before, I can't imagine a more perfect life for myself (apart from the horse thing).

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