Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ohhh Queasy....

Have just got home from wonderful birthday party. For Tom who's two.

So here is what my children ate this weekend...
Saturday: Breakfast (cereal, milk, toast). McDonalds for lunch (yes, am bad, weak mother). Most of dinner (steak and veges) was chewed thoughtfully and then spat back on the plate (or the floor) - although hubby liked it.
Sunday: Breakfast (cereal, milk, toast). Fizzy drink, popcorn, cake (although the actual cake part was left uneaten, heaven forbid it may have had something healthy in it like white flour or sugar or butter - they just scoffed the blue/purple icing), more fizzy drink, frankfurters, vegemite sandwiches, more cake icing, jam tarts with lollies on them, fizzy drink. Then, NOT ONLY did their mother end up with half the birthday cake to bring home, but we ALL got lolly bags as well.

I harvested the pumpkins (all three of them) from the garden yesterday, and am making pumpkin soup for dinner. At least then I can tell myself I've offered them some form of non-processed food.


Tomorrow I will be a better parent. Tomorrow.

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