Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Cannot. Stop. Sneezing.

Urgh. I think we should all brace ourselves for the misery of me having a summer cold. Its not so much that I'll think its cute to blog about oozing, mucous, sinuses, tonsils etc, but more that when I'm blogging and sick I just tend to get all ranty. Not only ranty, but also a warped sense of how hilarious I actually am. It ends badly. Always does. Frequently with key members of my family not speaking to me.


So today has been busy. First thing this morning, at a time when I am usually wandering about in my pjs, I was at Miss Nearly Four's new pre-school (which is at the same school as Miss Five's kindy) for an orientation. It was lovely, I met her teacher for next year, and just wanted to snuggle on her lap whilst she read me Meg and Mog (kidding, mostly).

Miss Nearly Four did sensationally well, making me a fetching hat, learning french and banging her drum at the correct moments during singing 'I Am The Music Man.'

I sat through yet another talk on life in pre-school, and found myself ridiculously excited about the thought of helping out in the tuck-shop and being a parent-helper in class and going on excursions with all these darling little girls... yes, I know, how the mighty are mellowing in their old age.  I also totally bought into the talk about after-school activities and was on the verge of signing the girls up for tennis camp, mandarin lessons, musicianship, art classes... until hubby stared and in horror for a full five minutes and then concluded I had to be kidding - I went with kidding.  But I mean they'd thank me later, wouldn't they?

We made it home in a tired heap by lunchtime, whereupon Mum arrived with my littlest sister who is over from her home in London.  Haven't seen her for more than a year, so there was much talking and eating and talking and drinking tea and a short break to put together a sodding ant-farm, and then more talking.  Do not get me started on the ant farm.  You have to cook things to feed the little buggers??? Not to mention the gigantic pair of ant catching tweezers that came with the kit.  I can just see that part of it ending very badly.

So, at the end of a very long day, me and the kids chilled out on the sofa and did one of their most favourite things. Taking photos of themselves with my laptop.

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