Thursday, November 26, 2009


Anyone not under a rock or in a cave has probably noticed that in the States its Thanksgiving (well in a few hours, I think. Timezones perplex me).  Hubby knew, but only because of the fuss made about the "black friday" sales and the fact you could buy some laptop (I went a bit hazy then) for some incredibly low price.  Whatevs love.

Hmm, anyway, I digress.

Thanksgiving is not an Aussie holiday. Nope.  You won't find me wishing anyone Happy Thanksgiving on Twitter, because its their cultural event, not mine. (I will however eat the Pumpkin Pie made by an ex-pat US friend of mine - because yanno, its nice to be neighbourly - and also it's DIVINE - yes, yes, my stomach knows no international boundaries, cultural or otherwise)

Oh look, not only digressing, but now not even making much sense.  Excellent.

ANYWAY. I've been pottering around a few blogs this evening, and have been reading about the days of a couple fellow bloggeresses (or Goddesses bloggers as I'd like people to call me, or just Your Worship for close friends and family members, yes, finally I am getting tired of She Who Must Be Obeyed).

Okay, I'm tired, but I have a point.

I don't want to put up some cheesy post listing all the things I'm thankful for, I'm not one who counts my blessings - oh WHAT? - I may not count them, but I know them and I hold them close to my heart - I just don't go trumpeting them about the place.  

And the fact I'm rabbiting on about being thankful has nothing to do with Thanksgiving, its just a coincidence.  

But tonight I've been reading the blogs of women who have children who are autistic, or have Aspergers syndrome, one whose little boy has Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome, and another about a woman going through divorce and has just put up her Christmas tree, without her kids, for the first time.

They are amazing everyone one of them.  Their frank and straight-forward approach, their compassion, their strength, their patience and their fundamental resilience make me wonder how on earth I can begin to moan about my own children without the words catching in my throat.  

Not to put too fine a point on it, these ladies are teaching me that I don't know shit.

And I thank them for it.

I love my blog. I love prattling on about my kitchen disasters and my vegie garden and the latest 'terrible' thing my kids have done. But the reality is that I have two happy, healthy kids and a marriage that whilst it is something of a work-in-progress, is built on solid ground.  And MY GOD am I thankful for this. 


Normal programming will resume tomorrow with photographs of the cat poo on the clean laundry pile that greeted me at 5.55am this morning. (Kidding, kidding)

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Quixotic said...

Yup, get what you mean. I'm not a fan of Aussie's co-opting American holidays, trends or stupid slang, but I really like the idea of stopping to appreciate what you have and being thankful. Isn't it a bit of a weird holiday to me though, isn't Thanksgiving actually about saying "Hey, thanks Native Americans, for letting us buy Manhattan off you for a handful of beads and generally wipe you out of any vaguely agriculturally viable land. We're really thankful for that. Amen" Or am I way off the mark? Really shouldn't have had that wine tongiht.

greenfumb said...

Don't joke about the cat poo, that sort of thing happens al the time around here!

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