Monday, November 09, 2009

Over Christmas Already

Spent the day at Mumndads.

Recently the alpaca's have had a haircut.  They do not think its funny.

I however, do.

Miss Five is running a temperature and Miss nearly Four has had me up the last two nights for a variety of reasons, mostly to do with glasses of water and discussions about when Santa might be visiting.  So am feeling more knackered than usual today, and am washing hands like someone with OCD.

On the subject of Santa, is it just me or are the shops getting the decorations out ridiculously early this year?  Hornsby Mall has had its huge Christmas tree out for three full weeks already.  The kids are so confused, they think Santa is arriving any day now, and its made even worse because we've got an early Christmas celebration for m'sister Clare in a couple of weeks.  We've still got six or so weeks to go and I am already tired of talking nothing but Christmas every time I set foot in a shopping establishment with a child in tow.

Shopping overlords you are cruel and unreasonable when it comes to Christmas.

Also dodgy neighbours down the road...
  1. Cut your lawn - there are homeless people living in that thicket,
  2. Stop finding abandoned toys at the tip and attaching them to your house and car - its beyond creepy, and
  3. FFS if you must put up your extremely lame arse christmas lights, don't switch them on until DECEMBER

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