Friday, November 27, 2009

Off for the Weekend

Mother's Group and I are off for the weekend.  Yes.  If you happen to be in Avoca this weekend and hear much cackling then that will be us.

I am not taking my laptop.

However, I will be back on Monday with ALL the gossip.

Yes, yes. I know I'm doing NaBloWriMo and this means I'll miss the last two days. This pains me deeply. HOWEVER, in the run up to Christmas and the January school holidays I shall be blogging frequently - so brace yerselves for bad photos of lame decorations, things boiling over on the stove and me ranting about life with pre-schoolers.

Also, if hubby doesn't get a job soon the bank's going to be repossessing the house, which will give me heaps to talk about. YAY.


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Quixotic said...

Oh - have fun!!! I had a couple of days away with hubby last month and promised not to bring the laptop - I suffered greatly from withdrawls, which I don't think hubby appreciated. Especially when I started typing in my sleep... on his face...

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