Monday, November 30, 2009

People of the Book

So the Blog This challenge for this week is to write about a book that's caught our interest in 2009.


As a writer I KNOW I should have a thousand books I've read, or could recommend, or are sitting beside my bed in a to be read pile. But sadly I'm usually so busy researching and writing that I don't get time to read as much as I'd like.

Still, never fear. I do have a recommendation...

People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks

Liked: Engaging story, easy to read, brilliantly researched, the prose just lights up the page and you feel like you are there with the character, looked forward to picking this one up each evening (which is more than I can say for Nora Roberts's Tribute, what a yawn fest that was).

Didn't Like: Awful ocker heroine, pathetically weak and perplexing ending, over use of stereotypes. The fact they wrote "A Novel" on the cover - er, thanks but its bleeding-sodding-obvious.

Speaking of covers...

I'd like to include a couple of my favourite covers for 2009. Both of them made me snort coffee out my nose all over the screen at some point this year.


<- Check out her hands if you haven't spotted it.

8 people love me:

Miss 40 said...

Whoops thats a bit rauchy on the right and .... 3 hands? Interesting!


Quixotic said...

lol - maybe she's about to get spanked becuase she did the botchy photoshop job on the other cover??

Madmother said...

Me want bright red ho boots - and I am not talking Santa here!

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

LOL - I love that raunchy cover, I so wish I had the bottle to write a book that warranted a cover like that. My heroines are never spankable (sigh).

Madmother - I hope you get your Xmas wish, I really do!

LOL Quixotic :)

Bron said...

Ohhhh, look at that...I didn't know my khyber had been chosen to grace the cover of a published work of fiction! LOL

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

PMSL Bron - I mean I had no idea you were so... gifted. LOL LOL LOL.

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