Monday, November 16, 2009


So Miss Five spent the day at her big school today, and I got to hang out in a cafe with No Children and get a taste of what next year will be like (yes, that's rejoicing you can hear).

Now yesterday hubby took the kids to the beach. There was a breeze off the water and it was overcast - and I just know that every Aussie reading this is howling 'perfect sunburn weather' - and indeed it was. They were all slathered in suncream with hats on but...

Miss Five copped it around her eyes and the side of her face.

And hubby got his legs to medium rare. Check out the lobster feet - poor love (snicker).

Its an easy mistake to make, and I know it won't happen again. Live and learn as they say.

However, I did have to turn up as a new parent at the new school with a slightly baked child.

Yes, parent of the year me.


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Being Me said...

Ouch. On all counts!

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

:) Am slathering all and sundry with Vit E cream and aloe vera. They're healing fast.


Mel said...

Ouch, my feet are tingling just looking at that photo! Glad to hear they are healing well though :)