Monday, November 23, 2009

Teensy Bit Overwhelmed Today

Never, ever want to see another plum in my life. Ever. But, oh joy, have sorted out my 13kgs of plums - made into jelly, or frozen for when I make them into jam, and the maggotty ones? Well I poured boiling water on them and tossed them in the compost. :)

TAKE THAT MAGGOTS - hmm, suddenly I'm reminded of yelling at my children. Why is that?

It has all not been completely successful tho. Alas.  The plum jelly has refused to set properly thus far. I boiled it to the magic 104.5 degrees so it must be not enough pectin.  This means I'm going to have to remake the sodding stuff, but I think I'll pretend I'm giving it time to think about setting for the next couple of days before I embark on the process again. oh sigh.

Other than that, after the heat and the full-on-ness of the past week I am feeling almighty washed out and low this afternoon.  Things I haven't got to, like editing Drive, and not having a single flat space in the entire house that isn't covered in crap, and the dreaded clean laundry pile, and the caterpillers demolishing my calendulas, and being overweight, and not being able to see myself in the bathroom mirror due to the centimetre thick layer of... er... 'spatter', are all starting to pile up.

Ah, go away overwhelmed feeling. You are not welcome here.  :(

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Lyndel said...

You'll be fine luv, try a product called Jamsetta, from the supermarket, it will set anything

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Hey thanks Lyn. I'll get some and have a go.