Thursday, November 05, 2009

Wherefore art thou...

Well Good Lord.  Not only did I have a no television afternoon with the kids, but also we picked broad beans from the vege patched, cooked them and they hoovered them up for their dinner.

Wonders never cease.

That has been about the highlight of today though.  Other memorable moments have been Miss Five having a screaming tantrum in the car park - I got into the car and drove off when she wouldn't behave - and no, she still hasn't forgiven me. (I'll point out for the fussier members of my family the community that I went about four meters and she was in plain view lying on the tarmac grass, and at no point was she in any danger whatsoever).

Then Miss nearly four had a screaming tantrum of her own when we got home from the pre-school run, so I left her in the car (I'll point out for the fussier members of my family the community that it's a cool day and I kept an eye on her from the house most of the at all times).

Other than that I've edited about three lines of Drive, and er... been to the supermarket and cooked and stuff.  What? Its suburbia, this is as good as it gets.


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Rachael Johns said...

Time and time again - you crack me up! And just so you know... I'm NOT one of those fussier members of the community!

Jess Dee said...


And just so you know...
I've tried to drive off before, but the tantruming kid in question has made it into the car before I could leave!