Friday, March 19, 2010

Busy in the kitchen and Teacuppery

The thing about all this homemaking business is that you spend a heap of time in the kitchen.  This morning I've made blackberry and apple jam, muffins, dog food and yoghurt.  Still on the list is granola, plus dinner, and by the time that's all finished it'll be time to get the kids.

I also spent the morning doing with weekly shop ($117.20 - woo hoo, the savings there will just about cover a slight pizza mishap midweek -ahem), getting our private health insurance premium lowered (turns out we were covered for hip replacements) and depositing a cheque for $3.29 in the bank. Yes. ANZ could barely contain its delight about that. 

Scintillating, No?

Glanced out of the kitchen window whilst doing load of washing-up number three billion and noticed the leaves of the Liquid Amber across the road have just started to turn, up the top.  Last year they began to turn at the end of January and we had an early but mild winter.  This year they are turning a whole six weeks later, I wonder what that means we've got in store?  Given that its 30 degrees outside right now I'm still having a hard time believing summer is over and the Autumn solstice is in a couple of days.

It also occurred to me that I haven't put up a teacuppery post for forever!!  I suppose that its mostly because I haven't got any new ones for a while, but still, they're so so pretty I should still be putting them up here for everyone to enjoy.

So, without further ado, allow me to present three of my most favorite cups.  They are all by Shelley in the Rosebud pattern.
The two smaller cups are miniatures that Shelley made as teasets for children to play with.  Miniatures are quite rare and I treasure these.

The larger cup is in the shape called Henley.  These type of cups were made from around 1920 until the company shut up shop in 1967.  Judging by the quality of the glaze on this particular cup I rather think it was one of those made in the sixties.

This teacup was one of the first I ever owned and part of the very beginning of my love of Shelley teacups.


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Mel said...

The cups are beautiful. You certainly were busy today.

greenfumb said...

I love teacups, I am just about to bid on a couple of pairs on eBay as I haven't found any good ones in Vinnies lately.

Great work in the kitchen, puts me to shame I have made three meals this week and that is it!

Sami Lee said...

Wow, that's your weekly shopping bill? I guess making one's own preserves etc. is a moneysaver, because I can't do it for that.

Melissa said...

Once I thought I'd wait to deposit a cheque of similar substance to yours but then it was taking so long for me to get another cheque that I just went ahead and banked it.

My point, none really. Just that people don't use cheques much anymore. lol. Only for fiddly amounts.