Monday, March 01, 2010

Too Many To Dos

355 / 355 pages. 100% done!

So this morning I took a deep breath and hit the send button.  Drive Me To Distraction has undergone its rewrites - with little grace I might add - and is now sailing off to endure the gimlet eye of my agent.  Oh I hope I found all the typos and remembered everyone's name and hair colour.

There is of course no rest.  My list of Writing To Dos is as follows
  • Critique Kudrat DONE
  • Critique Sam 
  • Critique Sarah DONE
  • Read, analyse and summarise: Introduction, Narrative & Narration, Wants, Art Voices, Mullet Leap
  • Start The Drovers Wife analysis for leading discussion next week
  • Start short fiction for workshop piece
  • Start Boys of Summer (next novel)
I'm really nervous about the critiquing I've done so far.  Because I've judged a lot of writing contests I'm very used to pulling apart other's work and telling them what's wrong with it.  But I'm not sure how used these writers are to that sort of constructive criticism AND I have to deliver my opinion face to face in a workshop session.  Gah.  I know all they want to hear from me is that their work is brilliant - I'm just scared that they'll take it personally when I say that it will be brilliant with rather a lot of work.

Of course these to dos are just writing. Then there are the domestic to dos;
  • Reply to emails
  • Grocery shopping
  • Make sausage rolls
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Wash dog
  • Dry dog
  • Make bread
  • Make bread rolls
  • Think of something for dinner, purchase ingredients and cook
  • Wash beds
  • Put away clothes
  • Tidy
  • Sort out what kids need for excursions
  • Post office
  • School forms for Miss 4
  • Buy new hat for Miss 5
Just the tidying alone could take all today and  tomorrow.

Then there's the to dos in the garden
  • Plant banana passion fruit
  • Find cure for powdery mildew and apply to rapidly dying melons
  • Mulch around the pool
  • Water seeds
  • Change litter in the coop
  • Weeding
  • Hack hibiscus back
  • Sweep driveway
  • Move frangiapani...
The list goes on.


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belinda said...

Congrats on finishing your revision.

Give this a try for the melons.. if they aren't already too far gone this will probably help.

Kind Regards

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

OMG Belinda! That's brilliant. Am going to try it right now. Thx for saving me the research time :)

greenfumb said...

That was the only thing I could help with as well, I did read somewhere that skimmed milk was better but have no proof.

Unfortunately you're on your own with the rest as my list as easily as long.

Verification word is cheat - is that a hint do you think?:-)

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Hey greenfumb :) LOLing at the word verification. Sometimes they can be a bit uncanny.

I used 2% fat milk - so that's nearly skimmed! Am fascinated to see if it works - it quite made my day finding that out.

Kellyansapansa said...

Wow - that's quite an overwhelming list. Maybe chocolate will help?

E. said...

I supoport Kelly's idea of the chocolate.

But I really wnat to know what is a Mullet Leap? Perhaps Billy Ray Cyrus taking a long walk off a short pier?

Being Me said...

I want to heave a big sob and it's not even my list. Then again, maybe it's because mine is just as long and I'm feeling like you've added to mine...

Good with the in-person critiquing! How nerve-wracking. For you!

Being Me said...

Uh... that's Good and is "Good Luck." Stupid fingers.

Being Me said...

Ok, now, I was going to delete the first comment and redo it because of my missed word. And then I was going to delete the second comment because of its obvious error as well. But then I thought 'ah, stuff it, you're already a goose...'

So without further ado (and I'm so sorry to mussy up your pretty blog with so many writerly errors), what I meant to say the SECOND time was

That's Good AS IN 'Good luck'.

I am very very tired and too busy.

Lyndel said...

Is Mullet Leap closer to Summer Bay or Yabbie Creek?

Quixotic said...

You forgot the last two items:
- Drink vat of wine;
- Retire to the bed with a fit of the vapours for a week!!!

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Aw HUGS Being Me. Love, do you think maybe you're getting a little over anxious about blog comments?? Maybe a nice lie down and some chocolate or alcohol or valium, whichever.

LOLing about the Mullet leap comments - it was a very sincere poem about fish jumping out of water, but oh how I was wishing for a Billy Ray Cyrus leaps into Yabbie Creek action at about 8pm last night.

Quixotic, I like the way you think girl. Always have :)

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Oh and I've been trying the mildew cure - only to have it then pour with rain and wash it all off within thirty seconds. We need the rain, so I am trying very hard not to be resentful. :)

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Hey greenfumb :) LOLing at the word verification. Sometimes they can be a bit uncanny.

I used 2% fat milk - so that's nearly skimmed! Am fascinated to see if it works - it quite made my day finding that out.