Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm Not Sick, But I'm Not Well

I can't decide if I'm ill or not.

For the last week I've been impossibly tired, had a bit of a sniffle, but its refusing to turn into a cold or go away, my back has been kind-of twinging, but nothing that'd make me say I've Got A Sore Back. Throat a bit sore, but might just be too much yelling at the kids, head kind-of aching, but that could just be the x-rays beaming out of my laptop screen and into my eyes.

Universe, I'd like to be sick or not be sick. If I'm sick I'll go to bed, drink lemsip and get over it. If I'm not I'll to stop sneezing everywhere and feeling like I'm about to be sick.  Similarly, back, just aching when I'm driving the car and not aching when I'm slumped on the couch with my laptop setting my legs on fire, is so not acceptable. Just make up your mind already.  If you are going to go, then go, and I'll book the physio.


Had a bread disaster this evening - out of nowhere.  Did everything right and used yeast (yes, within its use-by date) I haven't had any problems with.  Just ended up looking like this...
Looks like a brick, weighs as much as a brick, therefore it is a brick and not edible for anyone except hubby and the chickens.

So now we have no bread for lunches tomorrow.  FFS.  AND on a day when my home made bread was being noted and praised by Miss 4s teachers.
Oh hell yes.
I basked.
"Oh," I said, "I bake all my own bread." In my coolest 'its no biggie but I am, in fact, awesome,' tone of voice. And now they're going to turn up with pappy packet bread tomorrow.  Farking karma (or something).

I've been reading The American Frugal Housewife (its free online as part of the Gutenberg Project) and I'm afraid that Lydia Child (the author) would've been appalled, no make that APPALLED at my housewifely skills, and not only in the bread baking department.

Although, I have been unravelling a decrepit jumper and knitting it into dishcloths. (Look I don't know why, its just chux have always irked me. IRKED.  Actually most things irk me, but chux more than usual).  So maybe I'd be able to win Mrs Child over, well if she hadn't been dead for 130 years.  Anyway I'll do a post on my jumper unravellings when I finish a dishcloth that comes out rectangular, rather than oval, or, well, blob shaped. 


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Amanda Knight said...

I have missed your humour and stories...

May the cold come or go and the bread be delicious anyway!


Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Good LORD midear. Good to hear from you. Been far too long.

Bread will be good for throwing at any burglars that make it this far up the street - they have to make it past the ferals first. But yanno, it'll have a use :)

Take care :)

belinda said...

Yeah Karma can be a real pain in the posteria

Very interesting bread..

I have to say that one doesn't look like a yeast issue. Without actually seeing the inside it's sort of hard to make much more than a guess but have you recently opened a new packet of flour or maybe accidentally put wildly too much water in?

Personally when I feel that way I declare myself sick for a day. I generally figure my body is asking politely for a rest so I will acknowledge it's request and try to get away without it making me feel like death warmed over before I stop.

Kind Regards

Mel said...

Hope things get better for you soon. It doesn't seem like they could get much worse!!