Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Garden Pics

Apologies to all who were bored to death by my last post on car insurance. I just thought it was amazing the difference in price.  And thanks Epskee for her great comment.  My parents had a similar nightmare trying to get a car repaired with elcheapo insurance as well. Given our current financial dire straits our choice was between no comprehensive insurance and the cheap stuff, so I went cheap.  I just hope we get through the next year with no mishaps.

Anyhoo.  Have spent the day in the company of my wonderful Mother cleaning the house.  Yes, she rolled up her sleeves and bravely fished out everything under the kids beds.  What a woman.  Presently our kitchen smells of new bread and drying basil, the bathrooms smell of eucalyptus oil and the lounge of lavender.  And I can walk through the playroom without getting some small and annoying toy embedded in the sole of my foot.


A few things are looking good in the garden right now.

Mini-capsicums nearly ripe - sorry about the quality of the photo, late afternoon sun is most annoying.
The King Purple beans, and their pretty purple flowers are cropping.
And after my strawberry patch blitz (including snail bait) we are starting to get a heap of strawberries (well two).

And on a final note, I'd like to congratulate my agent on having two of her authors on the long list for the Miles Franklin Literary award. YAY Sophie :)

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greenfumb said...

We have been spring cleaning round here too, you know its bad when Hubby says "dont you think we should get a cleaner". I paid the teens do the bathrooms (which I hate doing, always have) and I just bolted around with the hoover, duster and mop.

Our resolution is now to keep it tidy enough so that we are not too embarrassed to get a cleaner.

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

I wish my mum would come and clean my house! But she' 12,000 miles awat. I said to them on MSN the other day that ot will soon be time fro dad to come and do some painting, I have no idea why they laughed! That wasn't helpful at all was it! :( Your beans look good, our runners have been hopeless again this year, I just hope the other beans do better.