Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Car Insurance

Have been scouring the internet to get Comprehensive Car Insurance.  Just wanted to share results really

NRMA $839
iSelect's best price $920
Payasyoudrive (for 5000kms a year) $526
Youi $433

Youi takes into account I'm at home, not commuting, live in a quiet suburb and have no demerit points.  Rather pleased really. 

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Epskee said...

Read the fine print. These new insurance companies are not always as good a buy as you think!

1. Only SOME are underwritten by a decent company
2. Most have VERY limited approved repairers, you may be forced to take it somewhere quite far from you should you need work done
3. They charge you an excess even if you are not at fault in an incident

The main problem with point 3, is that this now counts as a claim by you..... so for the next 5 years you will pay additional premiums with whoever you are insured with, all because some 17year old was too busy playing with his stereo and ran up your behind (and of course was not insured)

So because you were at the wrong place at the wrong time minding your business, you are now out 500-1000 dollars in excess, will pay higher premiums for the next 5 years, and now need to take your car 50+kms away to get it repaired by an idiot who will use glue, YES GLUE to repair your $45000 car and think you will be ok with that.

(just dont be like me and have 3 people run up your bum in the one year while you are insured with these clowns)

Quixotic said...


Ugh - iSelect piss me off - I always end up gnashing and growling when that silly blonde thing comes on advertising their Health Insurance comparisions - of course she forgets to mention that the two major insurers (which turned out to both be cheaper in my situation) don't participate and you could end up paying $100's more.