Sunday, March 07, 2010

My Famous Mumndad

Mumndad have got a new dam.  A dam so exciting that its made it into the Penrith Star.  Yarst.  I know darlings.  Its not easy living with the fame, but we manage.

A few weeks ago we had a shitload of rain. Between midnight and three am that day we got 146.3mm, and at one point it was coming down at 6mm a minute.  Which is a heck of a lot of water. Some months we barely get 6mm rain in total.

Mumndad's old dam was in a real state of disrepair - totally neglected for many years (not by them, by the property's previous owners) and it was obvious that the dam wall wasn't going to hold for much longer - everything around and under the wall had been severely eroded, and we all knew it'd just take one massive downpour and it'd all collapse and end up in the Nepean river. 

But, when that downpour finally happened, mumndad had their new dam, it'd been finished just a few weeks earlier.  The screamies and I were there to watch the water go over the new dam wall and the spillway start working for the first time.

That's the 'trickle pipe' working (inbetween the screamies).  Not much of a trickle really!

And hubby and Miss 4 inspecting a rather swollen Nepean river.

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