Thursday, December 09, 2010

Being Precious

So I rock up to my local garden centre on Sunday morning.  One of the employees is standing by the entrance and upon spotting me shouts, "Well hello there, precious."
What the...
I gave him a quizzical glare look, removed my sunglasses from my head, put them on pointedly, and stalked off to inspect capsicums. Wondering briefly if I do come over as precious to complete strangers.
But he wasn't finished there.
No, when he came to relieve me of my money, he spotted the bottle of pyrethrum I'd picked up - I use it on the patio to get rid of the sandflies mostly - and he said 'Ah, chemical woman.'  As if I'd just confirmed all his assumptions about being precious.
Chemical woman?
I said, 'Okaaaaaay," in a tone that was supposed to suggest that I'd rather we didn't speak further.
But he just grinned and said, 'bye chemical girl.' And handed me back my card.

Its not been the only difficulty I've had communicating with the human race this week.
Yesterday I had an appointment at a beauty salon for a person to go at my nether regions with hot wax and a pair of tweezers.  Yes, and pay them for the privilege.
Alas, in a moment of utter brainlessness I picked the Wrong Time to make this appointment.
Upon arriving at the salon I told the receptionist that I had to cancel that part of my appointment due to it being The Wrong Time.
"Wha?" she said.
"The Wrong Time," I said, slightly louder.
"Wha?" she squinted at me.
"I've got my PERIOD," I snap.  Just as every hairdryer in the place was switched off.


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Caz (The Truth About Mummy) said...

Thank you for my morning giggle Caitlyn. I can so see me doing something like that :O)

Mrs Woog said...

That is very disorganised of you! And that man who called your precious? I would have called him FuckWad xo

Anonymous said...

Precious - what a rotten, condescending thing to say.

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Asshole alright, perhaps you should have given him your waxing appointment! He could have had a sac, back and crack wax and a big potful in his gob! See ya precious! :D

Di Crane said...

Fuckwad! - love it, haven't heard that for years. I'm gonna use it all the time now because I know plenty of them!