Wednesday, December 08, 2010

More wildlife

2.75 hours into school holidays and Bloody Hell.  56 days to go.  Help meeeee.

In other news, on Monday I ate a turkey sandwich for lunch THEN walked outside and there was a brush turkey sitting on the roof.

Coincidence? I think not.

Clearly it was here to avenge its fallen comrades, OR sexually harass my chickens.  Either way, next door's dog scared it off, and it hasn't returned. Phew.  (Yes, you might be wondering where Sebs the Attack Spaniel was... after some half-hearted barking from under the outside table he disappeared inside to leave me to fend for myself.)


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greenfumb said...

Wait til they're teenagers, mine stopped going to school about a month ago. I really miss those nice peaceful days at home.

Mind you it's great when you can give them a shopping list and a credit card and can stay in your filthy gardening clothes all day while they do the grocery shopping.

Olive said...

That lucky turkey !! Looks like that one is NOT going to be the centre piece of some-ones Christmas table. lol