Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Busy day today. Started early, before six, taking part in the Samhain Aussie authors chat day, organised by the fab Jess Dee.

Hubby went to work late, so I had a full on three hours chatting away on the loop, then rushed off to Playgroup, haven't seen the girls for weeks as have been inundated with in-laws, sick kids and other family stuff. Was great to see them and have a download, especially about the car.

Did I mention the sodding car.


It's died. Again. And its going to cost about 25% of what we paid for it to fix. Just when we'd got on top of paying for the engine rebuild after it died at Easter. Meh! Looks like we've been really unlucky, and trust me, we won't be buying an Alfa ever, ever again. We'll eke it out for another six months and then I'm afraid hubby's going to have to swap his sexy sports car for something much more pedestrian.
Mumndad are over in the UK, visiting the rellies, and has been doing it tough visiting stately homes. She was off to Sandringham, the Queens country house the other day.

Too tired to think, but have to finished editing High Speed. Sigh.

Just cooked dinner, the broccoli and the broad beans we ate were from the garden, am feeling most pleased. Even thought Miss Bugalugs was going to eat them, until she spat them out and started rubbing them into the table. Hmm.

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Sandie Hudson said...

Hi Cait
Just doing the rounds of the blogs thought I'd stop by and say hi, should be writing but having one of those days, did research instead thank god for research.

I stopped by an Tuesday for a while and read some of your post at the cafe very interesting. You did have a busy day.

Sorry to hear about the car, ours need a tune up but I'm scared of what they'll find.

Great castle, love castles, I'm sure I was born in the wrong era. I would have loved wearing those big dresses and all. On well back to reality. Catch up with you again