Friday, October 19, 2007

Name that Book

Got my art form for Best Intention yesterday, so aside from fossicking around trying to remember what the hero and heroine actually looked like, I'm also trying to finalise the book title.

My main worry is that Best Intention doesn't sound romantic enough, I like it, but wonder if I could come up with something better.

So far I've got
  • Best Intention / Road to Hell
  • Despite her Best Intentions
  • The Very Best of Intentions
  • The Very Best Intention
  • The Best Intention
  • The Road to Hell
  • Best Intentions pave the Road to Hell
  • Paving the Road to Hell (okay, so Hell is not romantic)
  • Secret Intentions
  • A Secret Intention

Oh, have a headache now. Anyone with suggestions? Help!

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Sami Lee said...

Hey Cait. I like the titles with 'secret' in them. The word secret in a title always makes me wonder what the 'secret' is. But I liked Best Intention to begin with. Her Best Intention? That might personalise it a bit more.

If you're going for a romantic feel, I'd maybe steer clear of the word Hell. Just a thought lovey! I like them though, very AC/DC - 'Highway to Hell' and all that.

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Thanks Sami! Yeah, I like Best Intention, but first there are a lot of romantic novels named Best Intention's out there, and second I think the title has a definite doo-gooder feel to it. You know? It just sounds a bit fluffy, a bit 'oh she had the best intention, but it went horribly wrong.' Which isn't my hero and heroine at all.

Am leaning towards Secret Intentions. Because in the book the heroine is trying to find out what the hero's secret intentions are, then he realises she's got secret intentions as well and wants to find them out, but they both get it all wrong - well mostly. Then the Russian Mafia gets involved and it all goes down hill from there!

Love this book!