Saturday, October 13, 2007

Nearly there... and why the website went down.

Am nearly there. Two chapters to write in High Speed. Around 3,000 words today and 3,000 tomorrow should do it. Phew. That's about four to six hours per day depending on how it goes.

So far its not going well at all. Leapt out of bed early ready to have it all done by lunch, but then got distracted by Husband, children, dog, watering the garden, cup of tea, breakfast, another cup of tea, surfing the internet, putting lunch on (pea and ham soup), more tea, and now the blog.

Okay, I'm going, I'm going.

And sorry about the website being offline for the last day or so. Our ISP cut us off because they didn't have our creddy card details. Yup. Not because we weren't paid up, but because they didn't have a record of our card. SIGH. Luckily I'm married to an IT nerd and he spent the morning sorting it all out for me. Phew!

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