Thursday, October 18, 2007

A mournful list of the horrible things I've been enduring this week...

Its not been my week. I won't go into details, I was going to, but each time I write it down it just sounds horrible. Suffice to say I had to deal with poo on Sunday (a lot of poo and not on my shoe - a small person took up decorating with it), sick on Monday (an awful, awful lot of sick and not just on my shoe) and wee on Tuesday (all over my new shoes).

There wasn't any respite on Wednesday, went down like a stone with tonsillitus.

And today, Thursday, Dentist. Great big enormous needle that I think went all the way into my spine, loads of drilling accompanied by very bad jokes (my dentist thinks he's a humourist) followed by a worrying tale of how he (the dentist) nail-gunned his hand to two pieces of wood. Oh the things you have to endure when you can't talk.

Hubby is living it up with other IT nerds at the Opera house this evening, so I'm a single parent as well AND we've run out of ice-cream (too soothe my aching jaw).


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