Wednesday, October 03, 2007



I lost my mobile phone. Oh about a month ago. Searched high and low and came to the conclusion that one of the kids had lost it. Couldn't have been stolen as it always travels with my wallet and I still had that, and the kids play with the phone all the time. 'Tis a marvellous distraction when bored at the Doctors or similar.

So, had glumly declared it gone, and have been lugging around Hubby's old brick. Which I hate. Only this morning I was missing my phone.

Anyhoo, due to a chain of events involving road closures, bushfires and sick children my father-in-law ended up travelling in the back of Hubby's car. "I stood on something," he declared and then produced the phone from under a seat.


Hubby promised me he'd searched the car for it. Promised.

Should've know he'd do a man look.


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