Sunday, October 14, 2007

I've finished!

Yessss! Finished High Speed this afternoon. Most pleased with self. 85,000 words, phew it seems to have taken a long time. My third novel this year, can I make it a fourth with Nanowrimo? Hmm. Actually I'm not sure, the edits for Best Intention are due any minute now and if they turn up I'll be stuffed.

Hubby and I going out for brekkie tomorrow to celebrate, and to inspect washing machines - yes the high stakes, high glamour lifestyle continues.

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Rachael Blair said...

YAYA!!! Congratulations... hope your heroine wasn't too damaged by the end of it all...

Sandie Hudson said...

Congrats Caitlyn on finishing your third novel for the year your on fire. Have a great brekki with hubby.

Jess Dee said...

Hi Cait.

Responding to a couple of your blogs your. First of all, sending you cyber hugs. I'm so sorry to hear about your grandma! We went through the exact thing - a lengthy period of dementia, and a slow death. It was awful, so I can well imagine what you have been and are going through. My thoughts are with you.

Next - did you say you finished your third book this year? *Thud*. That's the sound of me passing out with surprise and envy. Way to go!!! That's unbelievable. And congrats for finishing your current WIP. Hope you celebrate with a bottle of bubbly and DH.