Monday, October 01, 2007

Three Stars from Romantic Times

Here is the full review - oh am MOST chuffed!
This is an enticing story, set in different international and exotic locales, with a passionate and sexy couple. At times, there are so many things happening that the story doesn't feel large enough to accommodate it all.

Summary: Gemologist Julie Marchant and Mitch Cartwright meet at a Red Cross charity ball in Sydney. There's an instant attraction, and Julie thinks this might actually lead to something lasting. But her hopes are dashed when, after they spend the night together, she wakes up alone and never hears from Mitch. Several weeks later, Julie is on a trip to buy sapphires in Laos and is shocked to run into Mitch, who turns out to be an archeologist working on a job there. The two quickly pick up where they left off but have to deal with multiple problems, including murder and civil unrest. They each learn a lot about themselves and, in turn, discover what is most important to them.

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