Friday, February 19, 2010

Chess lessons

Miss 5 spent the afternoon dressed in a Tinkerbell outfit teaching her sister how to play chess.
I nearly died from all the cuteness.

Well, until the bickering broke out.


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belinda said...


At least you took a photo so in 10 years time all you will remember is the cuteness.

Kind Regards

Quixotic said...
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Quixotic said...

Seriously? Your KIDS can play a game I am yet to master?? Awesome, excuse me while I go smash my head onto the kitchen bench... ;o)

gavgams said...

I tried to teach my 7 yr old boy chess last year but it was really only this Jan holiday he really got into it. Then we had to buy a megnetic set for in the car... 10 hr trip home.. me in tha back... geez those child seats take up a lot of room.

It's a great game. But watch those pieces like crazy or maybe it's just my 6 yr old who loses so much.. leaves stuff in messes and gets very lazy about where he urinates! (like in the bottom draw of my filing cabinet.. cementing past biz docs... or ... no yu wouldn't believe me ..).

Anyway, watch those pieces.

Rachael Johns said...

Oh that is just soooooooooo adorable!