Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Frog in the Laundry

When you tread on things in this house they tend to be cold, wet and squishy. Usually they smell pretty awful, make your blood pressure go up quite a bit and need bleach to be completely cleaned up. 

Today, however, what I trod on in the laundry was none of the above, it was in fact...
A common froglet - a name I gleaned from about ten seconds of googling, so any frog experts out there feel free to correct me.

And yes, I screamed like the big girl's blouse that I am.

Froggy was looking pretty dehydrated, so I put the hose on 'mist' and let him (her? - I'm always confused about frog gender, you see the frog I dissected in Year 10 biology turned out to have no reproductive organs at all, so I missed the part of my education involving frog bits) out in the garden.  He quickly found himself a home better than under our spare fridge - he's in the middle of the photo next to the blade of grass.

The school run is getting settled.  I've talked to the teachers about my reservations over leaving Miss 5 alone in a seething playground, and funnily enough I was not the only Kindi mum having conniptions over it all.  They're setting up a separate play area for the littlies and will be introducing them very slowly to the playground at lunchtime. Phew. Like most primary schools in NSW this one has been partially rebuilt and they're just adjusting their routines and seeing what works.

Conversation as I was doing Miss 5's hair this morning:
Miss 5: Where do people come from?
Me: Stunned into silence as I grope for a response
Miss 5: I mean how did we get here?
Hubby: People seeds
Me: Laser glare
Hubby: What?

Sigh. We distracted her with Angela Anaconda.  I just didn't think eight minutes before leaving for school was the right moment for the whole where did we come from chat.


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E. said...

People Seeds! Love it. Your husband thinks fast.

Quixotic said...

tee hee - we did the same - my sister is pregnant and Miss 2 is fine with the concept of there being a baby in her tummy, but, sure enough, she asked one day how it got there. Daddy jumped in a nd said it grew from a seed she swallowed.

Kellyansapansa said...

Umm, the frog looks pretty cold, wet and squishy to me ...

Jackie said...

It must be the weather! We had a frog in the paddling pool yesterday morning, and James asked me how Sammie came out of my tummy on sunday night!

Madmother said...

Hah - love the WHERE DID I COME FROM talks.
Boy 1 asked this at five. Being of scientific mind we gave him the general facts. Went away, pondered, came back with: "I was in Mummy's tummy, then I came out her gini, you washed off the wees and named me L!"

Boy 2 was around three or four when we visited a very pregnant friend. Told him she had a baby in her tummy. Result: one horrified child looking ascant at cannibal woman!

オテモヤン said...


Suzanne Brandyn said...

People seeds....oh my,

"Mummy, can we buy some people seeds. Oh please..please Mummy. Please Mummy." lol lol.....

I love frogs but not that kind. We have the green ones up here. I use to have one as a pet, until he went for a sleepover and never came back. :(

Suz :)

Jess Dee said...

Luigi the dog has frogs for play mates. His idea of a good frog game is to torture said frog and until it dies of a heart attack.

Jackie said...

It must be the weather! We had a frog in the paddling pool yesterday morning, and James asked me how Sammie came out of my tummy on sunday night!