Saturday, February 13, 2010

The things we Do

You can tell that I've got a book deadline looming AND have hit a flat scene that I am struggling to inject any life or interest into. WHAT. SO. EVER.

Why? I hear you ask.

Well.  I got up this morning and re-arranged the woodpile.
For entertainment the dog runs at the chook pen and all the chooks run to the other side of the pen. Then the dog runs around the other side of the pen, and the chooks run back. Then he runs around the other side... well you get the picture. Back, forward, back, forward.

Its driving me nuts.

So I've foiled that little game.

Then, at the sight of my youngest child getting out of the pool, howling in indignation, blue with cold and with poo dripping out of the bottom of her swimmers - I ran into the house, got my keys, jumped in the car and went to the garden centre.
No, I really did.  Sometimes in life you just have to walk away.

Got some lettuces though.  Generally I'm a growing-from-seed girl, but given the heat and the rain, everything has carked-it, and I'm sick to death of buying lettuce from Coles.  So I decided seedlings were the lesser of two evils.

Hubby rang me when he'd finished hosing everyone off and had them all warm and cute and happy in front of a DVD. Then and only then did I come home, bearing hot chocolates and a cinnamon rolls.  We hid in the front garden and ate them.

Now I am making dog food. The smear of brown is bovril - like vegemite only it tastes horrible and is runnier. Also, I have no idea how it ended up in my house. Everyone I know denies leaving it here. Odd.
Generally the dog eats leftovers. BUT, I made an awesome chicken stock a couple of days ago, one thing led to another and it was left out on the bench for a day when it was 30+ degrees and 95% humidity.  Yes. Wasn't feeding that to the kids.

So happened to be browsing my new most fave blog Down To Earth, and came across her home made dog food recipe.

Perfect way to use up the ruined stock.  I also add a little garlic to her recipe. It can help with fleas.

So yep.  Next up cleaning, and making ratatouille, which takes about three hours. And then I'll be Far Too Tired to write and will have to think about it all tomorrow.


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Belinda said...

Yep, certainly sounds like a looming deadline day to me.

Good Luck

Quixotic said...

Runaway mama - love it!!! God, I wish I could've don that the other day...

Kellyansapansa said...

Wow, your dog is spoiled! I would have run away from the poo too :o)

The Duck Herder said...

who was it that said "I love deadlines......I love the sound they make when they go whooshing by"

Madmother said...

I have a Masters Degree in Procrastination. Really.

My garden never bloomed so beautifully as at uni exam times.

Being Me said...

Giggling at the image of your hubby sitting the kids and the lettuces down together in front of a DVD after hosing them all down! Then I looked again and saw them in their garden bed and realised I was mistaken...

I loooove hot x buns. And who can concentrate on a plot scene in 95% humidity!? Not I.

life and the memoirs said...

I'm also a fan of 'down to earth', full of inspiration!!
Dreaded deadlines....good luck!