Friday, February 12, 2010

Things that have delighted me in my garden today

The lemon tree
We took it out of the pot its been in for years and put it in the ground a week ago. So far so good.

Capsicums growing on my mini-capsicum plant.


Finally my zuchinni is doing something :)

A melon flower. A GIRL melon flower.  See underneath it there? That'll be a melon - well if the sodding ants stop eating all the sodding pollen.

And Pecky, who appears to have laid a coconut.  Ouch.


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greenfumb said...

Wow a multi-purpose chook!

I wondered what those bloody ants were doing in the Zucchini flowers, I have been hand pollinating mine but I didn't realise it was the ants' fault.

Can't believe you've been in the garden today, I think I lost half my body weight (the liquid half) into the carpet at work.

Anonymous said...

I was in very early and HAD to do some watering and some seedling protecting otherwise I'd have lost everything - again. Was glad I did it though as everything is in pretty good nick and the change is coming (okay one rumble of thunder and four spots of rain).

So sick of this hot weather.

I first noticed the ant/pollen thing on my pumpkins a couple of years ago - think I read it somewhere originally, started hand pollinating and managed to finally get a crop after watching fruit rot off for months.

Cait :)

Quixotic said...

Poor Pecky - she may need some lotion or something...

life and the memoirs said...

The absolute joy of spending time in the garden. Nothing beats it!! I need to do it more often!
How cute is Pecky!!

Anonymous said...

what a pleasing result, well done. I am in the process of killing my chillies with lack of attention. You have inspired me to do something about it.

Kellyansapansa said...

Oh that poor chook!