Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Clothes Shopping

So, I have to confess, when I was changing the tyre in the school carpark yesterday I LIED about my outfit.  I said to one of the Mums who were getting in the way advising, "Well its a good thing I'm only wearing my gardening clothes," as I got covered in filth lifting the punctured tyre into the boot.

In actual fact I was just wearing the first things I dragged out of the dirty clothes basket (In my flimsy defence I sprayed them with deodorant before putting them on.)

Yes. Well. I felt that perhaps I had hit something of a low.  Due to the whole no-money situation I haven't bought new clothes since pretty much winter the year before last (that'd be 2008). And during that time my weight has gone from about 75kgs to around 84kgs and now back to around 80kgs (yes, diet getting there, slowly and with many bad days, but some good).

Turning up at school this morning I just felt daggy.  Shapeless jeans and a t-shirt I've had for forever.  I felt frumpy and out-of-sorts, especially with the kids so neat and tidy (AND IRONED), with hair all done and immaculate uniforms. Its ridiculous really, I mean how can I teach them to dress presentably when frankly most of my wardrobe is suitable for changing tyres and digging in the garden.

So, I headed into Hornsby and went shopping and got myself some new tops, a new scarf and even a head-band...
All delightfully modelled here by Jennifer (Hawkins) and Miranda (Kerr).

I did try to get a snap of myself in my new skirt
But gave up after taking a lot of photos of the camera.


So yes. Operation Make-Over has commenced.

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life and the memoirs said...

I don't hesitate to buy a new piece of clothing for my boys but I do a double take when it comes to me! I'm usually standing in the store contemplating the expense. I love fashion, clothes and 'nice' things but I hesitate before each purchase for myself, every time. Rarely do I hesitate when it comes to a purchase for the boys.
Enjoy operation make over!!

Anonymous said...

You definitely deserve it, good on you!

Kellyansapansa said...

Well done, you shouldn't hesitate to treat yourself occasionally, especially if you're managing to lose weight. You deserve a reward for that effort!

Muse of Flights of Fancy said...

Go for the new clothes! Always makes you feel so cool, hip, and trendy!

I love buying even the little things, like the glittery headband which I wore on a rare night out on the town last Saturday, or the shiny silver "leaf" bracelet... a real outfit dresser-upper.

I am actually learning to love accessories more than the clothes, and have found that the plainest of dresses or outfit combos can be jazzed up completely with a set of bright red beads or some such signature piece.

Next shopping spree will be in Melbourne, when my sister and I accompany my dad to Formula One... little does he know that he gets to watch the cars, while we will take the credit cards on a date :)

Suzanne Brandyn said...

lol Oh you darling Cait. Definatly new clothes are the way to go to make one feel better.

But it's the old saying isn't it, the Mum does without for the sake of the kids.

It's great to learn you can also change a tyre, not many women can.

Hope things perk up quickly.

Suz :)

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

THX LifenMemoirs. I'm the same.

Thanks Kel and Holly :)

Brilliant idea Muse, Am going to have a fossick around with my accessories and see if I can't do some re-vamping.

Hey Suz, I am now the tyre changing queen :)

Olivia said...

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