Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Cupcake Party

We had Miss Nearly 8s birthday party last week.  It was a cupcake decorating party, and we ended up with a house filled with chatter, delight and very happy little girls.
I like the red octopus
Miss Nearly 8 desired the colour theme of the party to be her two favourite colours, pink and red...
And So It Was
Sorry for boring beforehand pic
All others filled with Other People's children :)
And for her cake I made an 8 shaped red velvet cake.  I actually don't have a pic of it iced because I did it the morning of the party and was panicking :)
Just imagine it covered in lurid pink icing, pink and red smarties and edible glitter!
Red Velvet cake is an interesting recipe, it uses buttermilk, and baking soda with vinegar to rise. The icing is tangy cream cheese.  I use Smitten Kitchen's wonderful recipe.

It was a lot of work. Nearly a week of cooking and cleaning to get everything up to scratch. But Miss Nearly 8 had complete ball and is still lit up with delight.  And that made all the effort worth it.

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Mary Hay said...

What a great idea for Miss Nearly 8's party.  What a wonderful mom!