Friday, June 29, 2012

Winter Vegie Planting

Here on the upper upper north shore of Sydney our climate is somewhere between Temperate and Sub-Tropical. Really it depends on the year and what El Nino/La Nina is doing.

In anycase my winter plantings are for a garden that does not get frost in winter (we did have a frost once, about ten years ago, so I take my chances :-)).

If you are wondering what to plant in your area check out the wonderful Gardenate website.  It'll give you a good idea, the comments are often full of useful info as well.
Winter Planting according to the Eco Garden in Fagan Park
Seedlings are SO expensive.  One punnet is $5.98 in Swanes - given the high mortality rate in most home gardens, its just not worth it.  I went for the manky $2 ones, but really I should've put in seed about two months ago (ahem).  Anyhoo, this box set me back $10 and I should get something out of it, or the white cabbage moths will.

Cos lettuce, dwarf beans, cauliflower, brussels sprouts and savoy cabbage
My brassica's bed is presently filled with a few sad and abused, blackfly covered leeks (yum) so I shall be setting forth and clearing it out before I get this lot in the ground.

Anyone else out there winter planting?


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Veronica Foale said...

We're getting frosts thick and heavy at the moment (a neighbouring suburb got down to -10C the other night - we managed -7.5) and so our winter planting is stopped dead. I've got seedlings for spring started in the greenhouse though and I'm about to put in beans and peas in the greenhouse so that we get a nice early crop.