Monday, June 11, 2012

Lingerie Football

Yeah, so some Aussie chicks are keen to play American football in their underwear - and should this contact sport result in a bit of nudity, so much the better.  They're, apparently, more than happy to flash their well toned bits for the edification of of red necked blooded Aussie males.

And so with this little bit of marketing genius, raunch culture becomes just a tiny bit more mainstream...

From Sexpo to Lingerie Football, raunch culture is moving out of the adult shops and into our lives.
Its being normalised.
Like tattoos, piercings, bondage (50 Shades) and girls snogging other girls.
We don't have to look hard or far to find it.
I don't object to raunch. Each to their own, and have fun.
But please, keep it off my TV, and away from where my kids can see it.
Part of the delight of raunch is that its a little bit naughty, a little bit secret.
If its leading the 6pm news, being flashed in my face in advertising campaigns, and making my kids ask really awkward questions, it soon loses its allure, and becomes cheap and nasty.

I sympathise with the female athletes who are taking part in it.
If football was like writing, and I lived to do it,
If I had a shit hot bod that I spent hours every day making utterly stunning,
If someone told me that to earn a decent living doing what I loved, I'd have to do it in my underwear, then I'd consider it. (Oh OKAY, I do write half my books in my pjs - so it kinda counts)
But it is sad, so sad, that these athletes have to strip off to play the game and get a decent wage.  If they choose not to, and play their footy in shorts and a t-shirt then they can forget the money (and probably get called a butch lezzie for their pains).
That just doesn't sit right with me.

Shout and rattle our cages we might, but its here, and its probably going to stay.   The promoter sees a market, and there is demand (apparently 'fans' have been begging for Aussie lassies to be playing Gridiron in their knickers for years - really? they have?  But then parents of disabled children have been begging for support since the time of Menzies, so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, no one ever listens, poor patient 'fans')
6000 people attended this 'harmless fun' (the promoter's words) in Brissy the other night.  Yes, some very naive families left in horror, especially when the blow up doll was produced, and the kiddies got to see three men from the crowd crash tackle a lone player (hey, just like men's football, a move that'd be called assault in every day life is a-okay on 'the field').  But, it would seem, the numbers were there.

An Australian Lingerie Football league.

Yep. Its a proud, proud day, for all of us.

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Nevyn said...

If they wat to pull that kind of crap, fine. But if they do I would appreciate it if all AFL, Rugby League and Union, Soccer and not least of all State of Origion were shown with the men running around in g-strings and jock straps.

And now I'll stop before I go off on a full blown rant.....