Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Sydney Stitches and Quilt Show

Don't read this post if you are expecting photos of quilts. Phone battery died. No photos :(.

Did pick up some lovely crossies to do.  The show was mostly focussed on Quilts, but it was still good to see some stitching stalls there and be able to get hold of designs that are not easy to find in stitching shops.

/Start Rant

However, the small designers who are selling these... you need to look at the presentation of your designs.  When I buy a crossie design I expect it to look professional.  Wonky photocopies scream cheap and nasty, and if your printer is running out of ink THEN REPLACE IT.  Not appreciating one of the patterns below that is so faded I can hardly read it.

You also need to get someone to proof-read your instructions, typos are so easy to fix, AND your explanations are pretty incomprehensible.  I've got 25 years experience of cross-stitching under my belt and I'm still puzzling over what you're talking about in some sections.

/End Rant
From Chatelaine Designs
Inspiration: Rosewood Manor
Quaker Diamonds: Rosewood Manor

And some surface stitchery to do when I'm feeling brave...
Tree of Life: Roseworks Embroidery Design

Purchase of the day was my scissor keeper though...
Most glamourous scissor keeper ever
Also doubles as a tiara for visits to royalty

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