Sunday, June 03, 2012

Setting Myself Up For Failure

So here we are on Day 3 of my Unattainable Challenges.  So far I'm doing outstandingly badly, but I have excuses, oh yes, there will be self-justifications.  Let us commence...

I called these Challenges "unattainable" mostly because I am vastly hilarious, though I do have a life-long habit of setting myself goals I cannot reach - yes, I suffer badly from the whole setting myself up for failure mindset.

If, on the off chance I do actually achieve a goal, I immediately move the bar further away. For example, goal was to clean the bedroom, half killed self cleaning bedroom, goal reached, so adds bathroom onto the list.

I know I do this, and these days, though I make my long lists, I do not give myself such a hard time if I don't achieve All The Things.  I do expect a lot from myself, but I'm getting reasonable about being unreasonable in my old age!

So, calling my June goals Unattainable is just a little reminder to myself that sometimes I expect too much.

In this context let us examine my goals...

  1. Writing... LOL. sigh. Have been stuck at thinking up a title and which story plot I will use for the novella.  Do have a file in scrivner called JuneShortStory which is shaping up to be the novella at this point.
  2. Clearing up house... house overrun by children, have given up until Monday
  3. Mindful of Spending... HA!  Also four new car tyres hasn't helped (*weeps*)
  4. Miss Nearly 8s birthday party... sunk into denial
  5. Mid-Life crisis... proceeding nicely thank you
Well, there we have it.  I think we can all agree that from this point the only way is up.

Stay tuned.

Also hubs says I need to put more photos in my posts...  Here is one of my pet Unicorn
And I shall call him Squishy, and he shall be mine...
~ Dory - Finding Nemo ~

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Alison Morris said...

Haha love the pet Unicorn :) I think we all have goal setting problems from time to time. Me personally I suffer from goal setting and achieving issues all the time! Good Luck!