Friday, June 01, 2012

Unattainable Challenges for June

1st of June today, and to celebrate the first day of winter I have decided to set myself a few completely unattainable challenges

  1. I'm taking part in 50ks in 30 Days - a writing challenge run by Romance Australia.  In the next 30 days I hope to write
    1. A 35,000 word novella
    2. A 15,000 word short story
  2. I will be de-crapifying the house.  Hubs is starting a new job this month and its going to mean a pretty radical shift in how the house runs.  In preparation for this I'm getting the whole steaming heap organised.
  3. Being extremely mindful of our spending.  Yes, there will be even more cheap-arsery than usual around here.
  4. Get through Miss nearly 8s birthday party (every time I think of it the voice in my head goes nooooooooo *cough* ooooooooo)
  5. Having a mid-life crisis (oh lordy yes, meditation and chinese herbal remedies will be involved, and no, its not going to be pretty, elegant or graceful)
In the midst of all this I might even crack out a few blog posts.  But if I'm quiet think of me working diligently away to better myself and my family (HAH) or rocking in a corner babbling to myself.

Its alllllll good. :)

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Veronica said...

You sound much more organised for June than I am. My plans involve continuing to grow this fetus, stocking up the freezer with meal bases and trying to get the garden into some sort of order. All while avoiding a mental breakdown, because it's June and it's not a nice month.

And hey, how bad can a birthday party be? (Hahaaaaaaa)

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

You just concentrate on the kicky fetus lovely lady :)  The garden's going to be the least of your worries when its hatched!!  And hugs for June, let's both avoid a mental breakdown together :)

Jess Haight said...

You have a LOT planned for this month!  Wow!  Tons of writing to do- wishing you good luck and lots of great ideas.  Also- getting your whole house in order?  WOW again!  I know you will be busy- but I imagine when you are done with it all you will feel fantastic. Best of luck!