Saturday, June 09, 2012

Winter Citrus

The citrus trees in the front garden are getting their act together.

I love winter citrus, so bright and beautiful.
This tree is about five years old
I planted our lime tree last year, its got about ten limes on it :) and they are perfectly ripe right now.  Pass the tequila.
Ripe Limes
Plus cicada shell
And mandarins (Honey Murcott) just starting to get a little colour
Honey Murcotts
Tree about a year old

  • At this time of year collar rot can be a problem.  Its been dry for several days, but the ground around the trees is still saturated, so I've moved away any mulch that was in direct contact with the trees trunks.  
  • I also did some weeding around the bases of the trees, citrus hate competing with weeds.

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Veronica Foale said...

I have citrus envy. I have a lemon tree in a pot in the greenhouse, but it's not producing fruit. It's my test tree, if I can get lemons off it, I'll try other citrus in pots. 

farmer_liz said...

yep, citrus envy here too.... I have one little lime on my potted lime and my tangelo is turning yellow, think it needs some attention!

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Good luck :) 

Don't forget that lemons can be utterly neurotic - always too damp or too dry or not enough magnesium or didn't like that breeze last Thursday when there was a full moon!!  

Mine's only got fruit this year because summer was so cool, usually its goes OH MY GOD its 35 degrees and drops all its baby fruits everywhere.

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Oh poor neglected tangelo :( Oh I kid, tell it to stop acting like a sissy.  You have to be firm with citrus, firm but kind ;)

Lisa Barton-Collins said...

Your trees look great! I cannot WAIT for the builders rubble in the front yard to go, so I can turn it into a citrus orchard.