Monday, December 07, 2009

Battling Glumness

So back to Centrelink again this morning.  But finally it looks like they've got all the info they need and hopefully will be processing our claim in the next couple of days.  Centrelink always reduces hubby and I to beyond glumness and so we've spent a lot of the day telling each other that this is a passing phase and that he won't be unemployed forever, and next year he'll get a job, that we won't lose the house etc, etc.

Things were also helped by half a dozen krispy kreme doughnuts and big cups of tea. 

Yes, yes, I am poor and fat.  The winning streak continues.

Or is that the whining streak?


In other news I am trying to talk myself OUT of doing a Masters in Creative Writing next year.  It would be insanity. INSANITY.  Just when I get some semblance of a life back I hurtle off and commit myself to years of study. Madness.

Oh. But it would be so FUN.

Also, I tried my hand a making pizza dough from scratch.

And I look at that photo and all I can think is that its looks like my stomach hanging over my jeans.

Nice visual eh?

OKAY. Tomorrow I will go on a diet (again). Just for you.


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Quixotic said...

Sorry you're feeling down. We were there early this year with the unemployed thing, Centrelink can absolutely suck the soul out of you. Life will pick up, much as I still fight against it, we have to trust the path we are on...

Kirsty C said...

Been away (moving o/s) and just caught up on 30 odd posts - God you make me laugh and laugh and laugh!

Love this blog!

Jess Dee said...

OMG, that looks like enough pizza dough to feed the whole of Sydney!




Cate P said...

ahhhhh Krispy Kreme.... cures all.
Ignore 4-letter words like diet til later, much later.

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Quixotic - oh I LOVE that thought... "We have to trust the path we are on." Have added that to my 'thing will not last forever' mantra. Many thanks. :)

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Hey Kirsty - Moving OS - good lord woman, you must be shattered. Hope its gone well and you're settling in. And thanks for loving the blog - that comment made me grin for at least half an hour on a pretty miserable day.


Caitlyn Nicholas said...

LOL Thanks Jess. I will do it. Yes. Its decided. But probably in the mid-year intake - just depending on the hubby job situation. I fully expect you to crit my work BTW. LOL :)

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Brilliant idea Cate. Am taking your advice. :)