Saturday, December 19, 2009

Garden post

Spent the afternoon harvesting in the garden. Not a bad haul really, especially given all the 40+ days we've been having.  A lot of things, like my lettuces and asian greens are burning off before they even have a chance.

  • Tomatos are all green because I ripen them inside - the moment then even look slightly reddish dogs, cats, birds, children and possums make a beeline for them.
  • Yellow one at the front is a slightly overdone cucumber. But it is a cucumber nonetheless.
  • Beans, corn and a couple of kilos of desiree spuds and one forlorn squash in the middle.
  • Er yes that's a nice rug on the table behind the vegies.  It needs cleaning. Badly.
Once I've got rid of the spuds I'll be putting in sweet potatoes.  Presently they look like this. I'll break off the little stems (slips) and plant them.

Other than that its been an annoying kind of a day. The kids are tired and keyed up for Christmas and being very hard work. Also the yoghurt I was making curdled.

So a litre of milk thrown away, and a mess for nothing. Very vexing.


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Quixotic said...

mmm... vegies look good. I gathered my corn in yesterday, cooked it up tonight and it was YUM!! So sweet and delish. Still have cherry tomatoes going off like nobody's business, but the beefsteaks aren't coping well at all. Bought some lettuce seeds today, but don't hold much hope for them in this heat - still it's worth $2 for the experiment.

Being Me said...

Envy @ your clean expanse of bench space, firstly.

Second, you've reminded me to gather in my own spuds. Thanks! I missed the planting time for tomatoes and am kicking myself.

Suzanne Brandyn said...

You are so versatile Cait. How's it going down there. All set for Christmas.

Just popped by to wish you and your family a great Christmas. All the best,

Suz :)