Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Day For Christmas Cards

Today was my day for Christmas cards.

First in the letterbox was a scrap of photocopied paper with a picture of a Banksia stuck on it, hubby's name was mentioned and so was someone called Vic.  I have yet to ascertain who precisely Vic is, or whether Vic is a man or a woman. But apparently they live here.  On the back was a page of the Book of Luke. Yes. FROM THE BIBLE.  And a scribbled note... Dear Neighbours, have you re-read this Christmas account lately? Its worth it!


I don't have the heart to tell her that 1) My children have church and circus mixed up, and are convinced church is where you go to see jugglers, lions, tigers and bears, and 2) The closest our family gets to a religious experience at this time of year is when we sit down to eat.

Second in the letterbox was a card address to me in my ex-husbands name from a friend who has known me since I was 11. Le SIGH.  Ironically I also got a card from her parents today, and all names were correct. :)

Third. I got a lovely card from a lovely lady I have never met, spoken to or even emailed. Friend of a friend who wanted to send me something - how Christmassy is that??


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Quixotic said...

Interestingly, the year I decided not to do Christmas Cards, so did everyone else!! Hmm.. or maybe I forgot to tell them my address when I moved to the Coast?? Hmm... oh well!!!

Being Me said...

Your friend's friend's friend puts me to shame.

I've not done more than 5 this year. And there's at least 15 that have come. I feel awwwwful about it! First year EVER but I just cannot afford the time for this obligatory courtesy.... :(

Melissa said...

Love the mailbox at Christmas time. Always stacked with junk mail and Christmas greetings from loved ones and random strangers... apparently!