Saturday, December 26, 2009

Phew - Survived

Before I start babbling on about what a great day we had I just have to get one thing off my chest.

My mother regifted me.


Here is the present in question.

I'd seen it used on several occasions and when I unwrapped my present I assumed She'd got me one the same as hers because it was so useful.  Had just launched into freestyle comedy sketch for my sister using it as a bra when She comes in and says, "oh, I gave it a good wash for you."

A good wash?  WTF?

Yes. Turns out she didn't want it any more. So she gave it to me. For Christmas.


But, other than this almighty disappointment we had a fun and fabulous few days.

The run up was brutal, so unbelievably busy and the kids were so excited they were outdoing themselves when it came to being completely evil.  On Christmas eve I was still cooking at 10pm and wrapping at midnight. Hubby and Brother in law were diligently assembling Ikea furniture for the kids - assisted by a very nice merlot - and m'sister who has a 6mo and is currently the most sleep deprived person I have ever met - was in charge of handing around mince pies and the carol collection - sadly I only had kids carols on the ipod so we listened to Six White Boomers many, many times.

Of course it was flaming garbage bin day AGAIN (it seems to be garbage day every Christmas) and so the garbologists came around at 4.30am and woke all the children up. Xmas day on 3 hours sleep. YAWN.

The kids loved their pressies though, and I am loving their new desks.

Now they are both playing happily in their own space now, rather than bickering over the one small table. YAY for family contentment.

The hordes arrived at around 10ish, by which point the kids had unwrapped most of their pressies, ready for the next wave from Grandparents.  Action in the kitchen went into overdrive and just when everyone was about to starve to death lunch was ready.  Lunch continued until 5pm and then the family walk commenced - it's about 200m long, to a nearby lookout.  Family bickering commenced along with the walk as indigestion hit.  It was a beautiful thing to see half the hordes storming back home in a huff and the other half lying on the footpath screaming whilst I got glared at by the neighbours, who were having walks with their well behaved families.

I was devastated when they all went home soon after. Devastated. No really.

The house is totally trashed, but we've got the Sydney to Hobart on the telly and all the leftovers out.  Hubby and I are tag-teaming naps and the kids are trying to break/lose as many of their new toys as possible. Already I have confiscated yo-yos that were being used as weapons and stopped Miss Four In Three Days eating any more bath gel crystals.

Hurray for the festive season and it being over until next year. 364 days to go people. 364 days.


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Being Me said...

Sometimes, esp. on Boxing Day, those 364 days just don't seem like enough though.

WAUHHHHHHHH Six White Boomers! Racing Santa Claus in the blazing sun? Is that the one? I looooved that song as a kid (don't look at me like that) and was trying to sing it to the daughter just last week. She ended up turning around and walking away after saying, deadpan as only a 3yo can, "Stop singing now, Mummy."