Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rash statements

Dear BOM (that's the weatherpeople) its too farking hot. Please rectify at your earliest convenience.  Yours truly C. Nicholas (author).

Christmas shopping assault on Hornsby Mall this morning was wretched hot.  When it gets above 35 or so Westfield air con packs it in and frankly the whole place starts to get a bit niffy.  Like old cheese but with a underlying note of B.O.  Hmm.

Anyway. Aside from scalding off all my tastebuds, both tonsils and a large part of my oesophagus with the tea they serve at Gloria Jeans, the trip was without incident - even had all clothes on the right way in. Yay me. Got pretty much all I needed and when it comes to Christmas I'm saying Bring It On.

This overwhelming burst of confidence has led me to make a few rash statements today, the most amusing so far being... "I want these school holidays to be happy and healthy and for me to look back on it and be sad its over."

Happy?  That's the entire family yelling at each other over the dinner table? Yes?
Healthy? Non stop TV and DVDs and take away every night, right?

Oh, I see you wiping away tears of mirth those with school aged children.  I mean mostly I can barely cope with my children for the weekends and now I have seven weeks ahead of me. SEVEN WEEKS. Nah. It'll be fine. FINE. (halp).

Another rash statement has been, "I'm going on a diet." But I say that so often and I'm so bored by it that I may actually manage it one of those days. And yes, I am aware this attitude is craptacular.  Nobody needs to point that out.  Dieting is just so boring. All the points counting and the fussing about portion sizes and the guilt - OH THE GUILT. Still. I did find myself seriously contemplating one of those fat wobbling machines as a self-birthday present the other day. How appalling was that? I know the theory; exercise and lower calorie intake, there are no shortcuts... but oh if I could just stand there and get it all wobbled off - perhaps whilst I was eating an iced chocolate or something. Mmm. Chocolate.


Then there was, "I'm going to clean the entire house by the end of the weekend." Which I said to my mother. She's coming over on Tuesday to do a pre-Christmas spot check. Oh she of little faith.

Uh OH. Thunderstorm has arrived. Better post this before the power goes...

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Quixotic said...

Glad the shopping trip went well. Please pray to God, Allah, Krishna and Santa Claus that my expedition Saturday goes as well. Otherwise, look for me on the news... I'll be the one who McGyvered a flamethrower from a tube of wrapping paper and a medicated cough lolly and took to the woman in the queue paying in 5 and 10 cent pieces.

Miss 40 said...

LOL... I really look forward to your posts.... gives me such a giggle because you sound like I did when I had 6 kids at home and worked fulltime as well... crazy days follow crazier weekends and holidays. Good luck lovie.


Anna said...

I so love reading your posts! They make me giggle and nod my head in agreement.

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

LOL Quixotic - I want me one of thems flamethrowers :)

Aw thanks Miss 40. SIX KIDS. Holy crap batwoman. The very thought makes my brain turn to jelly (OKAY more than usual). :)

Hey, thanks Anna. I love that its not just me that lives this way!! :)

Being Me said...



Caitlyn Nicholas said...

LOL Being Me :)