Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Firstly apologies to anyone who is finding my blog slow to load. Am being spammed, and we'll just have to wait until they wobble off and find someone else to irritate. sigh.
Suffered something of a devastating rejection today.  No not a novel - am pretty resigned to that in any case.  No. This was much worse...

You see today was the pre-school end of year concert.  Watched much adorableness and singing and dancing and yawning (Miss nearly 4 was utterly underwhelmed by proceedings and spent the time she wasn't showing the audience her dog-chewed underpants, yawning - but its okay, I recorded it all for her twenty-first birthday or to sell to Channel 10 when she's a famous politician and we have a falling out about which retirement home I'll be incarcerated in).

So. Yes. Concert.

After the singing we had a lovely afternoon tea.

Everyone brought something; chips, fairy bread, christmas tree shaped shortbread you name it...  It was all swooped upon in a scene that reminded me of seagulls and after a ten minute feeding frenzy there was barely a thing left.

Except for one plate.

Behold my offering of vegemite and avocado sandwiches, and note the lone grape left on the fruit platter in front of it. Yes. They even ate all the fruit.

Vegemite and avocado is a childhood family favorite - I love it. Everyone loves it.  Don't they?

As one who prides herself on dishing out the yumminess on such occassions I experienced the chilly realm of rejection. I was the parent that brought the shit-dish that nobody wanted to eat. Yes. Today I was that parent.


Still. As stuff-ups go that was nothing compared to the one a friend of mine has made...

Having rashly stated to a friend that as we'd received no Christmas cards so far this year, it was obvious noone was sending them, and so therefore I wasn't either (GFC and all that), Australia Post promptly made a liar of me and delivered half a post box full of cheery red envelopes this afternoon.

Every single one for hubby from his ex-girlfriends or their mothers, except for one.  That one was for me from a very very old friend. A friend who is fully aware that
  1. I divorced in 2002
  2. I remarried in 2005
  4. My second husband's name is NOT Tom
But she addressed the card to me, Miss 5, Miss nearly 4 and Tom anyway.

Which is nearly as bad as the friend who has somehow switched my first married surname with my second married surname and uses it to address hubby in correspondence.

Yup. Good one guys.


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Being Me said...

Ummm... am I supposed not to laugh?

Because again, I am laughing. Not AT you. But shit, you write the amusing stuff well. And my grammar is terrible *flustered in presence of honest injin author*

I've never eat vegemite and avocado together. Just by the way.

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

LOL Being Me, do you SEE the spelling mistakes littering this blog!! No need for flustering around here.

And yes, I'm laughing with you. Esp about the mixing up of names. I love my friends, just love them. No really.

And I heartily encourage you to try vegemite and avocado on toast. Its grouse. Srsly.


Kirsty C said...

Christ Cait - avocado and vegemite? The texture, the colour... No.

No, no, no. This is why they keep asking you to produce your letter from Australia House in London - they know these things are just not Australian!

That said, they have beautiful, spreadable goat's cheese here in France and it tastes fantastic on a fresh baguette with vegemite.

Re: the names - went to a wedding once where the best man called the bride by the ex-girlfriend's name in his toast. It was a tad awkward, but the funniest thing was he didn't even realise he'd said it - had to be told afterwards.

You should have made those scones with your homemade plum jam -those photos looked great (and made me homesick)!

Bron said...

LOL well at least you get another chance to share the culinary joy of Vegemite and avocado on Friday :) - it's very yummy and one of the few things I would cheat on my gluten-free diet for

If it makes you feel any better, I took home a large container of oranges after the Very Hungry Caterpillar morning tea :)

Sami Lee said...

I just made a batch of what were supposed to be shortbread stars for Princess's concert tomorrow night. They look more like half burned shortbread blobs. perhaps I'll make fairy bread.

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

LOL Kirsty.

Goat cheese, in France, with vegemite. Ah fusion. I envy you. I so envy you. :)

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Sami are they loaded with sugar? They everyone will love them!! Just cover the burnt bits with a sprinkling of icing sugar.


Sande said...

Ah hah. Smooth. And I would have eaten your avo sanga's. Kids' have no taste these days.