Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wish List

Dear Husband,

So that we do not disagree as to whether I have given you my Christmas/Birthday list AGAIN. Here it is, on the blog in photo form. :)


I have noted you request for a "jar of man smelly" and will be letting the kids choose something from the Priceline aftershave discount section. mmm. Brut 33 perhaps?

Best wishes.
Your wife. :)

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Cate P said...

Hilarious, great idea....is there still nothing worse than Brut 33 these days? Guess it's hard to make something smell even cheaper and nastier than that...

Being Me said...

You're forgetting Old Spice.

Groovy photo frames!

Cathryn Brunet said...

Those photo frames are fantastic!

I luuuuurve my pizza stones. Next best thing to a wood-fired oven.
Though I plan on having one of those one day!

Anonymous said...

So the usual 'garage purchased' flowers on Christmas eve and some bath salts on the way.... Luv Hubby

Quixotic said...

Oh! Oh! I wanna chicken coop like that one!! Pleeeeeease Santa, I've been real good! Well, if you don't ask any Toys R Us sales staff, telemarketers, or slow moving shoppers. :o)

Sande said...

I love the photo frames. What state of mind birthed those?

And the chooky tractor ... definitely would be better than garden mulch scratched out by chooks to places where garden mulch shouldn't be!!!

Interested to see what you get, if your technique worked. Interested to see how surprised he will be with his brut.

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

It worked!

Well, I have a pizza stone. And its m'birthday in 6 days so we'll see what the second haul shall bring.

Did get some lovely things and nice surprises. Love xmas. :)