Monday, December 14, 2009

PC Christmas Card

Egads.  Got these lovely Christmas Cards with Aboriginal artworks on them.  All completely pc until I got to this one.

Scandinavian backpacker skinny-dipping in a billabong, perhaps?
Sunbaking tourist who has not had breast implants, maybe?

Message inside reads...
May every happiness be with you this Christmas and throughout the new year

Am at a loss as to who to give it to.

3 people love me:

Quixotic said...

Me? :)

She looks like a goddess/earth spirit to me, and I'm all about the girl-power!

Good on you for even doing cards, I'm opting out this year. Blah.

Quixotic said...

Oh! and... I've got a little award for you. Check it out...

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Hey, thanks for the award. I'll post it up sometime this week - urk hopefully anyway. :)